Felicity Provan 5tet

This group is since recently continuing as a quartet without vocalist Han Buhrs. During this transition time I want to present the group here as it has been for the last years. The flavour and spirit of the music including a prominent use of voices remains.

  • Felicity Provan – cornet, voice, compositions, text
  • Han Buhrs – voice
  • Ada Rave – tenor saxophone, clarinet, voice
  • Harald Austbø – cello, voice
  • Michael Vatcher – drums, voice

Poetic narrative and songs, lyrical melodies with rhythmic momentum best describe the Felicity Provan 5tet. The music flows from solos to quintet and surprises with moments of group acappella. It is humorous, reflective, tonal, abstract, rich in dynamics, slightly theatrical and focuses on creating a vibrant acoustic sound mixing composition and improvisation, which travels to the delicate and wild.

The group has been described as sounding “fresh” because of the extensive use of voice in combination with other instruments and that its general flavour is of a grooving chamber ensemble.

Past concerts include:
ZJFT (Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour ) – Festival in Groningen
Splendor: Creative Music venue Amsterdam
Bimhuis: Jazz / Improvisation venue Amsterdam
De Ruimte: Creative music venue Amsterdam
Hothouse: Jazz / improv venue Leiden
Doek Festival: Bimhuis Amsterdam
Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek : creative music venue Eindhoven
De Pletterij: Jazz / improv venue in Haarlem
PlusEtage : Jazz / improv venue in Baarle Nassau
De Perifeer : Jazz / improv venue in Deventer

Recordings via Bandcamp and video links available soon.

Trumpeter Felicity Provan (Naked Wolf and David Kweksilber Big Band, among others) gave one of the most exciting performances of the past Bimhuis season with her own quintet, which explores the boundaries between vocals and instruments.
Women in Improv for Jazzism magazine – Feb/March 2018

But it is certainly not only the humor and the light theatricality that makes this quintet special, which en passant places the concept of “song” in a completely different light. There is also simply very good music made by these five musicians, facial actors in the still innovative Amsterdam jazz scene. Vatcher remains an exceptional percussionist, who not only can play very rhythmically, but also – with the help of a beautiful percussion arsenal – manages to create an interesting sound world. I already mentioned Austbø, with Vatcher he forms a beautiful rhythm tandem many times – the bass is by no means missed – but also as a soloist he is a factor of stature. Rave, here on tenor sax and on clarinet and Provan on trumpet regularly pull together with fresh harmonies. Rave also contributes several times with splashing solos, while Provan regularly collaborates with Buhrs with her vocals. The latter is not only vocalist, but certainly also fifth instrumentalist, producing many an indefinable sound. A festive end to 2019 at the PlusEtage, what more could a person want.
Ben Taffin
Draaiomjeoren blog – 28 December 2019


Our route took us at the end of the afternoon to the northernmost stage of our cycling mission. Just for topography’s sake: we headed towards the hamlet of Schaphalsterzijl, and quite a bit further along the Winsumer Diep stands a stately borg and national monument Batenborg. The house and stylishly restored barn exude the atmosphere of 19th-century nobility. Built in 1854, but completely new for the summer jazz bike tour. Originally from Australia, Felicity Provan plays cornet, sings and composes. Her 5tet includes musicians who also know how to use their voices. And that complements her very narrative songs nicely. The varied and expressive music contains ingredients of solo, (ensemble) singing, word art and instrumental. Australian songs like “Hang Your Shirt Out”, or a song about the coral reef and Injustice grabbed you by the throat in a pleasant way. And there was also a special moment for a premiere of a lustrous composition (in presence) by Joost Buis. Felicity Provan constantly amazed her listeners, taking them between graceful wisps and gruesome involvement. A concert not soon to be forgotten!
Ella and Eddy Westveer
Translation from Jazz Rader article