Felicity Provan : Melbourne, Australia 1965

Felicity Provan is a cornettist, vocalist, improviser, composer and teacher living in Amsterdam. She studied both classical (trumpet) and jazz/improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts.

An active member of the Melbourne Improvisers Association she performed and recorded with jazz & improvisation ensembles such as ‘Mistaken Identity’ and ‘Ten Apples on Top’, composed music for 2 independent films and worked for 9 months in the Northern Territory as musician/ composer in residence for the dance & education company ’Feats Unlimited’. 

Felicity settled in Amsterdam in the early 90s. She has performed with numerous ensembles in the Netherlands and internationally (Europe, Mongolia, Brazil, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan)

Her focus is on developing the connection and interplay between her voice and the cornet. Flowing from one to the other in her improvisations. She also incorporates a variety of mutes and extended techniques.

Main Projects (recent)

Felicity Provan 5tet: Compositions and text by Felicity. Best described as an acoustic groove chamber ensemble with the musicians using their voices as well as cornet, saxophone/clarinet, cello and drums. Ada Rave- reeds, Harald Austbø-cello, Han Buhrs-voice, Michael Vatcher-drums.                  

Close: A project born out of the lockdown period during the covid pandemic. It combines projections of original photos/videos comprised of close-ups of daily objects within the home together with improvised music performed by 1 string instrument, a small organ, percussion/electronics and Felicity as cornettist/vocalist and vj. This project draws from a pool of musicians.

Duo Provan/ Rave: Ada Rave is a saxophonist/clarinettist from Argentina. Together we explore improvisation and original composed material combining tenor saxophone, cornet, clarinet and voice.

Mixing Memory & Desire: Quartet led by baritone saxophonist/composer Jan Willem van der Ham with Raoul v/d Weide on double bass and George Hadow on drums. 

August 38th: A nine-piece acapella choir led by Latvian singer Laura Polence presenting improvisations and original compositions. Performances include: Bimhuis & Splendor-Amsterdam, Koorbiennale-Haarlem, Sounds of Silence Festival-Den Haag, Klaterklanken Festival-Zwolle. 

Klank/Weerklank: Music/Dance family productions by the dutch based company ‘Dadodans’.Performances include: tour in the Netherlands, Spain and 2 festivals in Italy. 

Other Projects (recent):

The River: An ensemble led by singer songwriter Lily Kiara with her songs, poetry/text written & recited by Julyen Hamilton and improvised music by Joost Buis-trombone /slide guitar, Michael Moore-reeds, Paul Palleson-guitar and Michael Vatcher-drums. 

Beneath the Surface of the Earth:

Klankbord: A project conceived by New Zealand composer Alison Isadora. An exploration of neighbourhood environments for 4 musicians and audience participation. With Ada Rave: tenor saxophone/clarinet, Marcos Baggiani- drums/percussion, Jan Bas Bollen-hypertheremin.

Xavier Pamplona: An octet led by bassist Raoul v/d Weide performing compositions by prominent but lesser heard Netherlands based jazz/improvising musicians from the last decades. Including: Michael Moore-reeds, Joost Buis-trombone, Ziv Tauberfeld-bass clarinet, Guiseppe Doronzo-baritone sax, Marta Warelis-piano and George Hadow-drums.

Wrong Feet: A band put together by ‘Snowapple Trio’ performing the music of South African musician Sean Bergin. The CD ‘Wrong Feet’ was released in 2023.

Some Previous Projects:

Naked Wolf: (2012-2017) A quintet whose edgy originals mix improvisation with pop/punk/jazz and contemporary genres. We toured in Europe and Canada and recorded 2

The David Kweksilber Big Band: (2008-2018) A contemporary blend of improvising and classical musicians, 26 in total,  performing recent works of national and international composers. Concerts in the Netherlands and Germany. The music theater production of Saul took place Saul: muziektheatervoorstelling met de David Kweksilber Big Band en acteur Dirk Roofthooft voor het Zeeland Nazomerfestival 2015. There are many videos available on Youtube.

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra: led by saxophonist Yedo Gibson. A group of 15 musicians based in Amsterdam and Den Haag working on open improvisations and hand conduction. Tour in Sao Paulo Brazil 2011.

Home, Small as the World: A multi media show based in Scotland. Conceived, composed and led by Edinburgh based saxophonist Phil Bancroft. 2009-2012.

HumaNoise Festival: (november 2018) A meeting of 10 invited improvising musicians who performed in various combinations over 2 days in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Focus On Holland: (November 2018) Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival, 4 days of workshops and  a concert in Tai Pei together with Taiwanese musicians.

BB: An interactive dance /music performance for babies with 2 musicians and 2 dancers. Concept by Japanese dancer Makiko Ito.

Wonderland: An interactive dance/music performance with 3 musicians and 3-4 dancers for children from the age of 3 years. Concept by Japanese dancer Makiko Ito.

Zeelicht/Lichtlijnen: trio led by visual artist (live drawing) Liesje van den Berk with Ellen Knops-light designer, Felicity-trumpet, vocals and compositions. Children’s performances in Amsterdam, The Hague and Almere in collaboration with 2 Turven Hoog.

Dr. Jazz & Teerr en Feer: duo with performance artist Teo Joling in the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg, small hall ’95. Felicity composed most of the music for this piece.  Teerr en Feer is a reworking of Edgar Allan Poe’s The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether and was performed in Felix Meritis Amsterdam ’97 featuring Han Bennink-drums, Michael Moore-clarinet, Ernst Reijseger-cello, Guus Janssen-piano and singer Lucia Meeuwsen.

6 and a half hours: by Alison Isadora and including Anne la Berge-flute, Jan Willem van de Ham-bassoon and Steve Heather-drums/percussion, produced by Gaudeamus in 2004.

Stil (oewaaa): music/dance piece with Lily Kiara-dance and Ellen Knops-lighting designer. Performances for children in the Netherlands and in April 2012 in Helsinki (Finland) at the dance festival Ruutia.

The Inquisitive Musician: translated 17th-century German satire Musicus Curiosus by Johann Kuhnau. Directed by American artist Cindy Bernard and including Hilary Jeffery-trombone, Steve Heather-percussion, Stedelijk Museum: Holland Festival 2013.

Magpie Music Dance Company: guest performer during the 1990s with dancer Katie Duck and violinist Mary Oliver.

Teaching Recent:

Music courses for children:  Each week at the music school ‘Muziekpakhuis’ in Amsterdam. 2 courses- ‘Musical Trip Around the World’ for 4-5 year olds and ‘Introduction to Different Instruments’ for 6-10 year olds.

Teaching Previous:

Stichting Crea Amsterdam: Singing workshops for University Students.

Improvising Choir: A regular meeting of amateur singers open to exploring improvisation. Existed between 2010-15 with 5 to 12 participants. 

Alle 13 Goed: Conductor of this amateur choir based in Amsterdam. Weekly rehearsals and concerts 2 to 4 times a year.

Ensemble workshops: organized by SJU Jazz in Utrecht.

Ensemble summer workshops: teaching together with Joost Buis in Italy, Tuscany.

Private lessons: trumpet and vocal improvisation in Australia and the Netherlands.