Felicity Provan’s work. Website is under construction.

Naked Wolf

Felicity Provan – voice and trumpet
Yedo Gibson – sax baritone and tenor
Mikael Szafirowski – guitar
Gerri Jäger – drums
Luc Ex – bass

Naked Wolf is what happens when five creative musicians dedicate themselves to a band focused on catchy song structures and an open, flexible mode of interaction. With equal doses of unpredictable riffs, infectious groove, gritty noise and heavy pop, the result is a primitive avant-garde music that is driven by momentum. Untamed and controlled at the same time, Naked Wolf’s songs balance expressive outbursts with moments of compact unison, free improvisation and fragile lyricism.

The five musicians of Naked Wolf all live (or usually stay) in Amsterdam: Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals), Yedo Gibson (reeds), Mikael Szafirowski (electric guitar, vocals), Luc Ex (acoustic bass) and Gerri Jäger (drums). The members’ musical backgrounds differ as much as their origins: Australia, Brazil, Finland, Holland, Austria.

They’re experienced improvisers but as it turns out also great song writers. What else to expect knowing that one of them, Luc, was a former member of The Ex, the most experimental punk band in the world? Only the unpredictable and the twisted, always with a super high degree of quality and creativity. Thanks God there’s still non-resigned people around giving us gems like this…

 “Ponderous rock rhythms meet free improvisations […] an ecstatic sound machine” Alto Adige Jazzfestival

“an infectious, demonic set charged with wild, hypnotic rock energy and clever improvisations with rapid changes in mood and pulse” All About Jazz



Welcome to my site! I am an improvising musician living in Amsterdam. I am a trumpeter and vocalist performing with various ensembles internationally. This last season has been a full and inspiring time with a variety of projects:

In June I was on tour in Canada with Naked Wolf performing 4 concerts as part of jazz festivals in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Apart from the music a highlight was definitely eating sushi in Vancouver!

The Present is Present festival took place in May in various Amsterdam venues. It was a week of feasting on Improvised music. I was so thrilled to present my 5tet in the Bimhuis as part of the festival. I reworked some older compositions as well as writing new ones plus new text.

In the same week I also performed with a quartet of strings and brass and on the closing ‘all nighter’ which involved loads of different bands and combinations: I performed a duo with colleague cornettist Eric Boeren.

The David Kweksilber Big Band spent a weekend in Cologne giving workshops and performing in de ‘Funkhaus’ and we recently took part in a night of filming in Amsterdams Vondelpark for the feature film ‘Het leven is verrukkelijk’ The original sound track will be recorded this coming September.

For the art event ‘Fête de la Nature‘ in the Amstelpark I created a duo piece with pencil artist Leisje van den Berk inspired by the direct environment, and, the trio we have with lighting designer Ellen Knops gave a set of family performances, Lichtlijnen in the 2 Turven Hoog festival in April.

Other recent performances include The Mulligan Baker Project in Baarle Nassau in the south of Holland, David Kweksilber Big Band in the Bimhuis, Qubit Philharmonic, a nonet performing pieces by Joost Buis, Eric Boeren and Natalio Sued. This group has been performing once a month in Amsterdams ‘De Ruimte’.  I also performed in a duo with Lily Kiara as well as in her group The River , in the smallest and very atmospheric theatre in the heart of Amsterdam, the ‘Torpedotheater’.

My teaching has also continued into July with presentations of the ‘Kinderband’ in Amersfoort, my groups at the Muziekpakhuis and a children’s workshop at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

I will keep steadily adding information to this page, keep in touch. Here you can view my CV.

Felicity Provan’s work. Website is under construction.