Felicity Provan 5tet

‘Poetic narrative and songs, lyrical melodies with rhythmic momentum’ best describe the Felicity Provan 5tet.

Their music flows from solos to quintet and surprises with moments of group a capella. Playful and thoughtful with hints of the theatrical, these distinct personalities perform a vibrant sound mixing composition and improvisation, which travels to the delicate and wild.’ The music has been very well received and described as sounding ‘fresh’ because of the extensive use of voice within the overall mix and that it’s colour is of a grooving chamber ensemble.

This relatively new group has performed a couple of times in Amsterdams ‘De Ruimte’ and as part of the ‘Present is Present’ festival at the Bimhuis in May 2017. Currently a promotion kit is being created including photos, video material, sound files and background information and much of it will be uploaded to this site.

Felicity Provan: Cornet, Voice

Han Buhrs: Voice

Ada Rave: Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet

Harald Austbø: Cello and Voice

Michael Vatcher: Drums, Percussion and Voice